Who do you work with?

A.Woodbury Palm clients range from home owners, real estate agents and brokers, developers, and even AirBnB hosts. We aim to serve any and all clients who could use our photography expertise

How long does it take to photograph a listing?

A.Depending on the size of the property shoots can take anywhere from 30 – 60 mins for regular size homes to 2hrs for larger homes. In the event that a property is not properly staged and ready to shoot this can impact the timing for the photographer on site. Woodbury Palm allows 20 mins of buffer time at each shoot for helping agents with basic preparations, however if the listing is not ready and can not be quickly cleaned within 20 mins then the shoot needs to be rescheduled.

Will the photographer stage my property?

A.Due to potential liability and property damage, our photographers are limited only to light staging (e.g. arranging pillows and blankets, closing toilet seats, turning off TVs, and straightening chairs). Realtors and their clients should be sure to clean, prepare, and stage the property prior to the shoot. Please make sure to view our preparation checklist that lists our recommendations to ensure your photos and video look the best.

Can we move things from one room to another?

A.Your listing should be staged, cleaned, and prepared in advance prior to the arrival of a Woodbury Palm photographer. We are not responsible for cleaning upon arrival however we can help with basic preparations.

When will my photos be done?

A.Photos will be sent to you by our system, the next business day before midnight. We always strive to beat this deadline and 99% of the time we do! Floor plans, virtual staging and video within 48 hours from the appointment.

When is my payment due?

A.Payment is due when the photos are ready. Our system will send you a link to view the proofs and a link to pay online.

Is there a cancellation fee?

A.If you cancel within 24 hours of the date set (unless its weather related) there is a $75 cancel fee.

Do you work weekends?

A.We work very long days during the week and try to reserve the weekend for family time. However if you are in need of a weekend spot, we can work with you for a $50 weekend fee in which photos will be delivered on Monday.

Do you charge a travel fee?

A.There is a travel fee of $25 for a location over 30-50 miles from 07410. Further locations will require an additional fee.

Is there a certain time of day that is better to shoot?

A.Yes, If it is an East front facing home, you need a morning or mid day shoot. If it is a West front facing home, you need a midday or afternoon shoot. If it is North or South we can shoot at any time.

Can you still shoot if it is cloudy?

A.As long as it is not raining we can still make the appointment. We offer FREE sky replacements on cloudy days.

If I am needing photos for commercial purposes or for my website and for marketing, are there any extra fees?

A.Yes, please call for a quote The increase will give you unlimited copyrights for commercial use. This includes projects done for airbnb, builders, designers, stagers, wedding venues & stores, etc.

Who owns the photos?

A.Woodbury Palm owns the copyrights to all images taken. You are buying the right to use these images for your own use. Images cannot be sold or transferred to anyone without permission. Permission from photographer to tranfer images to a second party will be granted with a transfer fee charge and a second copyright release will be given. Please call to inquire. With copyright theft being common, please respect our intellectual property and hard work.

Can I edit your images?

A.Besides cropping, editing is not allowed without permission. It is like painting over a painters painting. If you need someting tweaked please contact Woodbury Palm. We are happy to help.

What services do you offer?

A.HDR Photography
We use 3 or 5 exposure bracket technique to capture each image and follow by merging the images in photo shop for a clean edited photo.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour
This is an amazing tool for homes over 2000 sf. This infrared camera creates an interactive tour that the viewer can navigate. It also produces a "dollhouse" model of the home. This is like a 24 hour open house for your potential buyers all over the world.

Daylight to Twilight Imagery
We take the guess work out of having to come back to the property and "hope" for a pretty sunset sky. We take daylight photos and turn them into twilight photos digitally and the results are fantastic.

Virtual Staging
We take photos of your empty listing and add digital furniture.

Agent Marketing Video
1-2 min video, marketing your business and brand

Why should I consider you as my photographer?

A.Our business is not just about creating content, but also developing relationships. We value our clients and always strive to improve and create new up to date services. We are easy to work with and want to be a great resource for you.

Do you do headshots, team photos, or lifestyle photos?

A.Yes, we can capture high quality headshot photos for use in your marketing. High resolution, transparent formats available. Edits and enhancements, remove blemishes and more etc.

Do you give discounts if I scheduled multiple homes in one day?

A.Yes, we offer discounts for multiple same day shoots. Discount varies pending quantity of shoots.

Do you give discounts for Offices and Teams?

A.Yes, we offer options for bulk rate discounts based on the annual number of shoots that the office or team generates.